L (skittlewolf) wrote in furrypetowners,

Training Tips?

So my husband and I have two dogs. One is great. He just kinda exists and what not. However, the other is really in need of some work. Both were abused and abandoned so both are really attention needy and cry whenever you leave them. However, Rancher is severely fearful of people, extremely hyper, jumpy and constantly wants you attention. Both dogs do not like having their nails cut which is a problem since we have all wood floors. So another question would be, claw caps? How well do they work? We walk our dogs all the time since we do not have a fenced in yard. I don't think they'd last long with the cement.

I know how to do basic obedience but Rancher's problems I have not dealt with before. Also, any other tips would be greatly appreciated! Any information you need, just ask!
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