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Emergency Alert

*/Katie Hansen <>/* wrote:

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 15:58:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Katie Hansen <>
Subject: Help

I am looking for four dogs that were dropped off at a shelter (
supposedly a no-kill shelter) in at least a three hour radius around
Park and Teller County on Oct. 28. There are two 4 year old pointer
lab mixes (about 45-55lbs), one black NM (Raven) and one brownish
SF (Mariah) and may be without collars, and two 7 year old larger
lab mixes (about 90-100lbs), one brindle NM (BooBoo) and one
redish/tan SF (Sasha) with a thyroid condition and may not currently
be on medication. There is a possibility they were separated and
dropped off at different shelters. Two of them are mine and two are
my mothers. They were with my dad who agreed to watch them at his
home in Florissant until the end of Febuary while we saved money and
looked for places with enough room for all of them. Without any
notice whatsoever he took them to a pound and refuses to tell me
where. These dogs mean the world to me and my mom, they have pulled
us through very hard times and we have been working very hard to
find places of our own were we can watch them romp and play. I will
do anything in my power to get them back. Please help. I am
currently in Fort Collins. I can be reached at 719-271-5897. I
would drop everthing to come get these dogs. I have attached
pictures of the dogs. Please contact me if you recognize any of
them, we love these dogs very much and the past few months without
them have been very hard. The thought of them in a shelter is
unbearable to me. I Have e-mailed this to as many shelters between
Pueblo and Denver as I can, any help in forwarding this to more
shelters and/or adoption centers would be appreciated, thank you.
Katie Hansen

I have the picture of all for of them, supposed they are in Wyoming somewhere.
if anyone can help and needs the photo, please email me and I'll send it to you.
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