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Heartworm Pills.

Background: we have a male 5 year old lab and doberman or rottie mix named Shadow. He was adopted earlier this year from the local SPCA, before that he was with one other family (who had issues with their kid) and before that he was a stray.

We went to the vet's office that my mate's mother uses, and they want to charge us $105 a year, or $13 a pill for heartworm medication. To me, that's highway robbery and since my mate is now out of work and I'm facing an uncertain future in a month or two at my job—if the expense is not justified we can't do it.

I grew up around dogs—there was one in my parents' household from the day I was born. We always got heartworm pills, but then again for most of my life my parents' have been fairly well off and it was affordable. However, to listen to my father (who is now retired and thus handles some things he didn't before) the vet that they have gone to for 20 years is also highway robbery—even more so since their dog needs prescription diet food.

But my question to you folks is this—just what are the heartworm risk factors? Shadow is an indoor pup, and rarely-if-ever around other dogs. He doesn't get table scraps and we feed him good dog food. My father told me I can get these same pills online at a more reasonable price (e.g. up to a 50% difference) but they require a prescription, something that our vet charges $11 for. I asked for one but this clearly didn't please the vet and I was given a lecture about online fraud. In the constant stress environment that was my last semester at school, I never filled the prescription and it got lost. Now that our income looks shakier than ever I can't shell out $13 a month if it's not absolutely necessary.

I love our dog and I don't want to see anything bad happen to him; however, I just have a sneaking suspicion that  I'm being taken to the cleaners here. Thoughts?
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