The Halloween Cat (halloween_cat) wrote in furrypetowners,
The Halloween Cat


Hello :3
I'm new to the group. I am Kat. The creator of Halloween Cat Arts and Productions. Sada Aoko and Pumpkin Spicer are my two of three fursona's and are the "halloween cats". Sada I tend to roleplay more and is my more dominant fursona. She is a black and lime green Lybica (close ancestor to the European/Sicilian Wildcat). Pumpkin is her brother. He is black and orange. I'm also a novice fursuit crafter and anthro artist (any tips is well appreciated if you browse my fa page *plug* in my links section *end shameless plug*).

I have 2 sons. Lips and Tesaki. They are both black and white medium hair domestics tom cats. They are brothers of the same lil from my dearly departed Aiko.. Lips is very husky and silent and Tesaki is a slender, noisy boy.. Once I get decent pics of them or even video Ill definitely upload them on here :3

Hope to enjoy all of the posts :3
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