Savaaha d'Loren (stripedpony) wrote in furrypetowners,
Savaaha d'Loren

Alex says HI

A happy sheltie. We took the boys to a furmeet with a group of fellow local furs and they had a ball. My husband and I being vegetarians, the boys don't often get a chance for real meat and they LOVED it,hotdogs and burgers. He was a happy smiling boy.

*note- the dogs are NOT on a veg diet. I feed them Purina Salmon Beneful(for the time being, hoping to get better food for them soon)
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You know when I can finally make it out to visit you guys you dogs are going to be squished with love right?

<3 Such a cute boy.
I bet they loved the treat of hot dogs and such. <3
Sunny nearly took Josh's fingers off trying to get a hotdog. Josh was going to divide it up between the 2 of them. needless to say they each got their own.